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Fire Alarm System

The purpose of a fire alarm system is to protect life and property by giving early warning of a fire, so that the occupants can evacuate and/or the Fire/Rescue Department can respond.

Fire Hose Reel and Hydrant System

The hose reel system is an immediate fire-fighting response equipment that can be easily be used by the public to contain the spread of the fire.

Wet and Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems

Both wet and dry sprinkler systems extinguish fires using water, just in different ways. In a wet system, the pipes are filled with pressurized water.

Fire Sprinkler System

A fire sprinkler system is a simple, but key, active component of a industrial or commercial building’s fire protection system.

Fire Pumps

A fire sprinkler system is a simple, but key, active component of a industrial or commercial building’s fire protection system.

Pre-action Fire Sprinkler System

Pre-action fire sprinkler systems is the basic concept of a dry pipe system in that water is not normally contained within the pipes.

Fire Suppression System

Fire Suppression system is an integral part of firefighting system where the reliable sources such as sprinkler system is not applicable.

Kitchen Fire Suppression System

According to the National Restaurant Association, 57% of all restaurant fires originate from cooking equipment.

Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is an active fire protection device used to extinguish or control small fires, often in emergency situations.

Foam Fire Extinguishing System

High and Low expansion Foam used in fire protection is an aggregate of air-filled bubbles formed from aqueous solutions, and is of lower density than the lightest flammable liquids.

Emergency Lights and EXIT lights

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire system designs are the lifelines of any building, and it is important they are developed with utmost accuracy and perfection.

Facility Management Services

Facility management (FM) is a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology.

Deluge System

A deluge fire protection system has unpressurized dry piping and open sprinkler heads.

Public Address System

Efficient high-quality public address and voice evacuation systems are essential for dealing with security and safety challenges.

Security System

Securing the safety and privacy of property and life’s by means of electronic devices via CCTV, Access Doors, Home Automation etc.